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Table of Contents: The White Legacy

This is my first published legacy! There are no handicaps or special rules, I'm afraid--just a poor founder stuck on a huge lot she can't afford. This whole mess gets rather plot-driven fairly quickly, so I would definitely suggest starting from the beginning and reading the chapters in order.

Most White legacy family members, as well as SimKeika, can be downloaded here.

See a lot that you want? Download it here.

The White family tree can be accessed here.

Thanks a bunch for reading!


Chapter One: You Don't Completely Suck
Chapter Two: Kiss Them Awake In The Morning
Chapter Three: Just What Are You Accusing Me Of?
Chapter Four: Wanna Dance?

College, Part One: Straighten Up
College, Part Two: My Neat Point
Chapter One: I Love You
Chapter Two: Move Along
Chapter Three: Hocus Pocus
Chapter Four: I Do Not Do Rainbows
Chapter Five: It Might Be Sparkly

College, Part One: It's Always The Cow Mascot
College, Part Two: Pickled Toad on a Biscuit
Chapter One: I Meant All Of It
Spares: I Have No Answers
Chapter Two: Crash and Burn
Chapter Three: Beware the Ides of March
Chapter Four: Oh, Fishsticks
Chapter Five: What Kind Of Eternal Luau Doesn't Have Nachos?

College, Part One: Unfeeling
College, Part Two: I Sacrificed For You
Chapter One: Vitamin D Challenged
Chapter Two: U and I
Chapter Three: Lame Sauce
Interlude: A Battle of Magic and Blood
Chapter Four: So Melodramatic

College, Part One: Murphy's Law
College, Part Two: Flirtatious Moo
Spares: My Cheesecake
Chapter One: Fascinating
Chapter Two: This Is So Not Groovy
Chapter Three: Darth Vader, He Loves Me
Chapter Four: All Hail the Evil Emperor

College, Part One: Don't Ruin My Mojo
College, Part Two: We Have Cookies
Chapter One: I Shake My Fist At You
Chapter Two: Imitation Lobster
Chapter Three: Matters of Great Importance
Chapter Four: Drooping Daisies
Chapter Five: Precious Little Penguin

College, Part One: We Have The Weirdest Traditions
College, Part Two: All You Weird Sims
Chapter One: Ice Cream and Celery Sticks
Chapter Two: Bow To Me
Interlude: I Am Not You
Chapter Three: Robots With Tasers

College, Part One: Pffbt I Say
College, Part Two: The Vest Has Paisley
Chapter One: My Grilled Cheese Is Perfect
Chapter Two: Frog Hat
Chapter Three: Hook, Line, and Sinker
Chapter Four: This House Is Haunted

College, Part One: Bon Appétit
College, Part Two: The Nerdiest Nerd That Has Ever Nerded
Chapter One: Is It Worth It?
Chapter Two: Loyalty

Epilogue: Content

Generation Five Par-Tae!!
A Halloween Special
A White Christmas
The Great Recap (Accurate through Gen Five, College)
Generation 7 Heir Poll (closed): Old Boolprop | Livejournal
Vis's Bachelor Challenge: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6
First Legaversary Celebration
Wynn Grows Up



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May. 13th, 2016 01:18 pm (UTC)
Heya! I just made this account on Livejournal to tell you how much I have loved reading your White Legacy and to tell you that this actually has inspired me to start writing my own story with the help of Sims 4! I loved every bit of this legacy and also have read your Clitheroe story so far and cannot wait for you to continue writing more chapters!

That's about it, have a lovely day!
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