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Clitheroe: Rheingold, Round 5

Read the previous Rheingold chapter here.
Recap of the last Rheingold chapter: [Spoiler (click to open)]Queen Keika had the Town Square constructed, and held an opening meet-and-greet for her peasants, which the gods crashed. An alien god named Meslar asked the queen to allow his dying people into Clitheroe and was rejected. King Ryan finally reached his gold flower badge, which allowed Queen Keika to bring Queensgold to rank ten. Prince Helyas was unexpectedly born. A private bathhouse was built into the palace grounds, private education was established, and formal crowns were located. The round was ended on Prince Helyas's birthday to toddlerhood and Princess Anduera's birthday to teenhood, and the subsequent coming of age ball.

[This is seriously a spoiler. Please do not click this link until you have read the chapter. Thanks!]Credit should be given where credit is due. Thanks to MichelleCYoung for inspiring several elements of this round's royal proclamation. Namely, using Monique's computer for taxes; the format for royal proclamations, starting with an official seal and all; and the concept of flags. I wanted to do heraldry from the beginning, but was unable at that point to come up with a design I liked. Also, she beat me to the royal court, which was also planned when I built the castle, but I didn't actually carry through with the idea until I read it in her challenge. That challenge, by the way, is the awesome Youngdale Build A Royal Queendom Challenge over at Boolprop. It comes highly, highly recommended!

Also, I obviously didn't design the tree on the flag and seal of Clitheroe. I failed pretty miserably, so I went to a royalty-free clipart site to snag one. I like it a lot, actually!

Also also, for housekeeping purposes, yes, all the money that Queen Keika handed out this round did in fact come from the royal household funds. There was no cheating involved, unless you count the ticket venue trick as cheating.

Thanks a bunch for reading!

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