Keika (keika20) wrote,

Clitheroe: Rheingold, Round 4

Read the previous Rheingold chapter here.
Recap of the last Rheingold chapter: [Spoiler (click to open)]Ryan bought himself a new, more dignified outfit. Anduera, who Keika refers to as Andi, was born, and became a child by the end of the round. The Royal Pokerhouse was remodeled and renamed as Queensgold. Finally, not officially part of Keika's record of the round, Béor met a foreign god with dark wings, who was hanging out just outside the garden.

[By the way...]Sorry for the sudden change in picture size near the end of this chapter. I changed computers [again] partway through writing this one, which changed the screen resolution, which changed the picture size. But still, thanks for coming over to read!

Tags: barkc, clitheroe, sims, sims 2, ts2
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