Keika (keika20) wrote,

Clitheroe: Round Two Roundup

Both the Rheingold and Lariel households have had a go, so now it's time to round up the challenge stats!

Queen: Keika Rheingold

Taxes: $4,186 ($43 retained for royal treasury)
Total Population: 10
Literal Population: 5
Sim Multiplier: 2

Royal Households: 1 (Rheingold)
Noble Households: 0
Merchant Households: 0
Peasant Households: 1 (Lariel)

Downtown: No
Business Districts: 0*
Universities: 0

Community Lots: 2
Businesses (Rank; Owner):
    The Royal Pokerhouse (1; Keika Rheingold)
    The Silver Bobbin (3; Imelda Lariel)

*I will mention it once here for full disclosure. The Ether Glades is added to the neighborhood as a business district. However, I am not counting it for any kind of points; it's there because I needed a pretty place to house the gods.
Tags: barkc, clitheroe, sims, sims 2, stats, ts2
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