Keika (keika20) wrote,

Clitheroe: Prologue

Alright, new challenge! Thanks for tuning in to Clitheroe: A BaRKC!

Before we dive in, let me put a couple of housekeeping things out there that I had no way of fitting into the continuity of the chapter, okay? Okay.

First off, I am using the BaRKC rules found here. Sort of. I took them as a basis, and then I modified them to my needs. I'd like to playtest those rules a little more before I post them, but in the meantime, the biggest changes pertinent to this early challenge are:

  1. No money cheats, period. I don't care what class you are, you get to start from the bottom!

  2. Speaking of starting from the bottom, the only privileged CAS sim who gets to start at the top is the founder. He or she is the monarch. Everyone else? Peasants.

  3. And since everyone starts as a peasant, there's no free CAS sims thrown into the mix. I get the founder to start with, and then everyone else is earned just like you would in a normal BaCC. None of this starting with multiple families thing in a kingdom where the world was literally just created.

Second, my apologies. Each of these chapters are quite a bit shorter than the usual fare in my legacy and WYDC. That's because each one of these is strictly only one round of play. However, those same shorter chapters require a lot more editing and work put into them, and I also have a new job that requires a lot more of my time than the last one. What I'm trying to say is, unfortunately, I'm not going to be as fast with my updates as I was before my eight-month hiatus. I'm going to try and get on a weekly schedule, but since this is something I do in my spare time for fun, that might not be plausible.

Okay, now that all of that is out of the way, here's the prologue to Clitheroe: A BaRKC! Thanks for sticking with me through that wall of text, and thanks for reading!

Tags: barkc, beor, clitheroe, keika, sims, sims 2, ts2
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