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White Legacy Sim Download Directory

Important Installation Instructions! Please Read! I've discovered I extract my sims a little strangely. The package labeled with the sim's name goes in your Saved Sims folder, not your Downloads folder. Everything else (the custom content packages) does go in your Downloads folder. Once more for clarification...
A--Package With Sim Name: Saved Sims Folder
B--Everything Else: Downloads Folder


Aside from those very important installation instructions outlined above, there are a few things you should know about downloading one of these sims. For convenience's sake, I have put this information in a neat little numbered list.

1. Sims on this page are listed alphabetically by first name.
I also have their nicknames listed in quotation marks, so if you don't remember what their real name is, it should be as simple as running a CTRL F search for their nickname.

2. Each file comes with a .txt document listing the sim's details.

Those details are: name, personality, aspiration, genetics, and notes on custom content.

3. Not every sim comes with all the custom content I put on them.
If a creator had a terms of service asking for their stuff not to be re-uploaded, I didn't include the content. However, the .txt file includes the link to all custom content used on the sim, so you can go download it if you want it. Otherwise, I'm sure they'll be happy wearing whatever you have.

4. Sims imported directly into the game will not have recessive genes.

In the .txt file, I have noted what the sim's expressed and recessive genes are. In order for those to work in-game, you will need to edit the sim in SimPE. Otherwise, the sim's children will only inherit the color that the sim is showing.

5. Don't worry about matching my default skin and eyes.
Everyone has their own default set of eyes and skintones. I included in the .txt file where to get the ones I use on my sims, but feel free to use your own defaults for my sims. I don't expect you to want to download the individual non-defaults for each sim you use, and besides, the custom genetics can get irritating.

6. Not all of my sims are base game compatible.
I own all of the expansion packs. Some of the outfits and hairstyles I use did not come with the base game. If you're having trouble getting a sim to work, let me know, and I will get you a base game version of them.

7. Only adult sims are uploaded here.
I only package my sims once they hit adulthood. This means that sims that are still children, teens, or young adults have not yet been uploaded. If you'd like one that hasn't been extracted yet, send me a message and I'll get them up for you.

8. All files are hosted at, and are zipped for size management purposes.

9. Don't claim one of my sims as your own work!

However, feel free to use them how and wherever you want. It's your game, after all. If you're publishing your work using them, please send me a link so I can follow along! I love seeing what my sims are doing! This is especially true if you decide to use SimKeika!

10. Fair warning, a couple of my sims have similar names.
I am referring in particular to Ara and Arie, and Elle and Ella. If you want the second generation spare who likes cake and wears her hair in a braid, you want Aral, not Spar's daughter Ara. If you want the sixth generation alien heiress, download Ellesmere, not Cygnus's wife Elle.

11. The White family tree can be accessed here.
You might find it a useful resource for choosing the sims you're downloading, making sure you've got the right one, or whatever.

Okay, that's it. Have fun!


SimKeika (my simself)

Adam Ross
Andromeda "Andi" White Sands
Angeline White
Anne White
Aquamarine White Darling
Aral "Arie" White
Arctos "Arc" White
Aubrey "Brie" White
Baltic "Bal" White
Calcite White
Celestine White
Chalcedony "Callie" White
Cygnus White
Desmodus "Dez" White
Elara "Lara" White
Elle White
Ellesmere "Ella" White
Emily White
Eridanus "Dane" White
Feldspar "Spar" White
Gismondine "Gizmo" White Darcy
Heather White
Hydrus "Hyde" White
Isis White
Jade White
Jonathan Sands
Joshua Darling
Kaylynn White
Latimeria "Merry" White
Laurel White Ross
Lawrence Darcy
Lyra White
Nepheline "Neffy" White
Notoro "Toro" White
Oleander "Ollie" White
Oscar Hoffman
Patrick White
Pardus "Par" White
Peppermint "Pepper" White Hoffman
Peter White
Primrose "Rose" White
Rhea White
Seraphine White
Shane White
Snow White
Solander "Sol" White
Spinel White
Sulfur White
Sun (Count Jimmy) White
Vesuvius "Vis" White
Zircon White
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