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6 Aral Avenue

6 Aral Avenue
Type: Residential
Cost: $55,114
*Required EP's: Bon Voyage, Seasons, Pets, University
Custom Content: CTNutmegger's Maxis Match Wall Cabinets; Gwenke's Temperate Zone Wildflowers

The home of Arie in my White Legacy, this house was built specifically with her in mind.

Front view. As you can see, this house is only one level, and has lots and lots of plants and bushes around it. Most of them are inaccessible to sims, so if you plan on playing this lot, you'll either have to have a perfect plants mod or redo the landscaping to keep it looking good.

Back view. There is some backyard space, including a pond and a hot tub, but not a lot of high-maintenance gardens or scenic views. Arie isn't one for spending a bunch of time outdoors. But there's lots of room to grow out here!

Top-down view. In the top left corner is the master bedroom; beneath that is the bathroom; beneath that at the front of the house is the office. Next to the office is the living room, and behind the living room is the kitchen and dining room, with access to the back porch. Note the big-screen TV, game console, arcade game, cluttered end table, and high-end computer. There's blue highlights in most rooms (Arie's favorite color) and there is no shower because Arie doesn't have enough neat points to keep puddles off the floor. Also note the bone phone in the kitchen, which canonically in my legacy doesn't work anymore. I'm sure your sims could get it to work, though!

As you can see, this house is only one bed, one bath. It could be expanded to two bedrooms if the office is repurposed, but when I built this house (a year ago) Arie was still single. Kevin still hasn't moved in with her, so she really only needs one bedroom.

That's Arie's house! As you can see, it is filled with little Arie touches. I hope you and your sims enjoy it!

Download: 6 Aral Avenue
Please don't claim this lot as your own work.

*I am not sure how to go about ascertaining which expansion packs each lot needs. Based on looking at which furniture and building materials I used, I listed the ones I noticed, but it's possible I missed some that you'll need to install the lot. If it doesn't work, let me know and I will work with you to try and get a basegame version of the lot available.

Also, if you know how to figure out which expansion packs a lot needs, please let me know how to go about it!

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