Keika (keika20) wrote,

The White Legacy: Vis's Bachelor Challenge - Day Two

[Simself Credits]
Thai (crimml), author of "Oh Gosh, The Owlpocaylpse" and "Building from the Breadlines," a Prosperity challenge.
Ani-Mei (animeangel1983), author of "Where Angels Fear to Tread," an Apocalypse Challenge, and "Altered Fates: An AU Legacy."
Anne, author of "An Heroic Apocalypse" and "Blueberry Island," a BACC.
Mia (Mia Moonstar at Boolprop, radiochocolate here), author of "The Hill Asylum".
Jessie (ichigomccoy), author of the "Kiesha'ra Legacy" and the "Night Legacy."
Rosie (WistfulRose at Boolprop and Dreamwidth), author of "The Legrand Legacy."
Gabie (muffinsgirl14 at Boolprop, sleepingpandas here), author of "Just A Little Auracy."
Pony (pokemonlegacy), author of "The NEW Pokémon Legacy", "Arbor Watch", a BACC, and "Herbal Medicine," a 100 Pregnancy challenge.

Tags: bachelor challenge, sims, sims 2, simselves, vesuvius, vis, white, white legacy
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