Keika (keika20) wrote,

The White Legacy - Gen. 6, Ch. 3

[Simself Credits]
Sam (superfr0g here and SuperFrog at Boolprop), author of "The Wrongway Legacy," "From the Ground Up! A Towering Legacy," "The Boon OWBC," "After The End: An Apocalypse," and a Prosperity Challenge I can't find the name for.
Ani-Mei (animeangel1983), for the use of her simself and her legacy sim Fricorith. She writes "Where Angels Fear to Tread," an Apocalypse Challenge, and "Altered Fates: An AU Legacy." Fricorith as an adult vampire comes from her completed legacy, "The Quest for Peace."
Pony (pokemonlegacy), author of "The NEW Pokémon Legacy", "Arbor Watch", a BACC, and "Herbal Medicine", a 100 Pregnancy challenge.
Thai (crimml), author of "Oh Gosh, The Owlpocaylpse".
Rosie (WistfulRose at Boolprop and Dreamwidth), author of "The Legrand Legacy".

Tags: ella, ellesmere, hyde, hydrus, laurel, legacy, legacy challenge, oleander, ollie, pepper, peppermint, peter, primrose, rose, sims, the sims, the sims 2, vesuvius, vis, white, white legacy
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