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Lots for Download

I figured it was about time I shared some of my more notable lots with the world at large. Each lot here has a description page showing pictures and containing my notes on in-game price, the custom content it needs, playtesting notes, and that sort of thing. They each come in a simpack, and have been cleaned using the Clean Installer.

If you want one of my lots that hasn't been uploaded yet, let me know, and I will put it here! Have fun!

6 Aral Avenue

The home of Arie White of the White Legacy, this house is stocked full of objects for the messy, single Pleasure Sim.
Download Page

16 Blossom Street

Inspired by the in-game dollhouse, this house was seen in the White Legacy as the home of Par White, and then of his children Zircon and Neffy White.
Download Page

58 Lone Pine Boulevard

A small and simple house for a small family, this was seen in the White Legacy as the home of Pepper White.
Download Page

Downtown Flats

This apartment complex boasts a swimming pool and two bedrooms per apartment suite. Seen in the White Legacy as the home of Dane White, and Aquamarine Darling and her family.
Download Page

Maple Manor

A spooky haunted house-style mansion with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and three pianos. Seen in the White Legacy as the home of Merry, Arc, Seraphine, and Baltic White.
Download Page

The Nest

Originally a set, this fully functional mansion was designed for comfortably housing a group of vampires.
Download Page

Oresha-Annya-Var House

A roomy greek house, with all the amenities for both study and play. Seen every generation in the White Legacy as the home of that generation's crop of heirs and spares.
Download Page

Rosehill Manor
A large mansion decorated in pink and white, and the official house of my simself!
Download Page

Spring Snow Estate

Built for functionality over aesthetics, this legacy estate is nonetheless quite photogenic. Seen in the White Legacy as the home of the main bloodline of the family.
Download Page

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