Keika (keika20) wrote,

The White Legacy - Gen. 6, Ch. 1

Well, I've seen massive lag, crashes, and blue screens of doom, but the next chapter has persevered and is finally here.

My poor, poor laptop.

[Simself Credits]
Ani-Mei (animeangel1983), author of "Where Angels Fear To Tread", an Apocalypse challenge, and "Altered Fates: An AU Legacy".
Mia (Mia Moonstar at Boolprop, radiochocolate here), author of "The Hill Asylum".
Thai (crimml), author of "Oh Gosh, The Owlpocaylpse".
Leonard (biglenny), author of "Standing the Test of Time".
Rflong (Rflong7 at Boolprop and Blogspot), author of "My Sweet Apocalypse" and "A Traveling OWBC".

The guests seen but not explicitly mentioned at Ani-Mei's wedding include:
Pony (pokemonlegacy), author of "The NEW Pokémon Legacy", "Arbor Watch", a BACC, and "Herbal Medicine", a 100 Pregnancy challenge.
Rosie (WistfulRose at Boolprop and Dreamwidth), author of "The Legrand Legacy" and my sister. Hi, Rosie!
Mystery (MysteryMusic7 at Boolprop and here), author of "Welcome to Chudda: A Parallel Universe Legacy".
Jenny (jenny42895 at Boolprop), author of "The Phantasma Legend".
Gabie (muffinsgirl14 at Boolprops, sleepingpandas here), author of "Just A Little Auracy", the only TS3 challenge listed here, by the way.

All of the simselves I have in my game made it to Ani-Mei's wedding, but unfortunately not everyone made it onto camera. My apologies.

Tags: ella, ellesmere, hyde, hydrus, legacy, legacy challenge, peter, sims, the sims, the sims 2, vesuvius, vis, white, white legacy
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