Keika (keika20) wrote,

The White Legacy - Gen. 6, College (Part 2)

Simself and Legacy Character Credits:
[Spoiler (click to open)]Ani-Mei (animeangel1983), for the use of her simself and her legacy sim Fricorith. She writes "Where Angels Fear to Tread," an Apocalypse Challenge, and "Altered Fates: An AU Legacy." Fricorith as an adult vampire comes from her completed legacy, "The Quest for Peace."
Jessie (ichigomccoy), for the use of her sim Romi. Jessie writes the "Kiesha'ra Legacy" and the "Night Legacy," the latter of which stars Romi.

Tags: college, ella, ellesmere, legacy, legacy challenge, sims, sol, solander, the sims, the sims 2, white, white legacy
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